Introducing BaseSpace Professional!

The BaseSpace team is excited to introduce the BaseSpace Professional tier, which enables access to a host of new features and services, including:

  • Multi-user access with Workgroups
  • 8 hours of Bioinformatics Professional Services from Illumina
  • Expandable storage and compute credits

With BaseSpace Professional we are releasing a new Workgroup feature to enable seamless and efficient data sharing for you and your colleagues. Workgroups enable collaboration on a global scale.

  • The Workgroup administrator can invite users to the Workgroup
  • All invited users can log in with their individual username and password
  • Team members can switch context between their individual accounts and Workgroup accounts (if they belong to more than one)
  • In Workgroup context, members have access to all resources – runs, analyses, and storage usage – belonging to the Workgroup



With Workgroups, users can log in with personal credentials, then switch context between individual accounts (top) and Workgroup accounts (bottom). In Workgroup context, you can view all runs and analyses common to the Workgroup, as well as use the storage available to the Workgroup, as shown in the above views.

Bioinformatics Professional Services

Driven by the need for quality data and analysis, Illumina is offering a range of professional services for both bioinformatics analysis and consulting. The Bioinformatics Professional Services team at Illumina has developed an extensive list of bioinformatics offerings covering standard analysis workflows and tools to application-specific workflows and personalized consultation on topics such as data quality and analysis. The Bioinformatics Professional Services team can be of value to any lab.

Please note that the ability to stream raw sequence data into your account, monitor run progress in real-time, perform analyses, and share your data, along with 1 TB of storage, will continue to remain available for all BaseSpace Basic users.

For more information, check out and follow us on Twitter @basespace.  Stay tuned for more exciting BaseSpace updates!

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