Monitor your Sequencing Runs and Analyses from your iOS Device!

basespace-mobile-iconIntroducing the BaseSpace mobile app!

We are very excited to announce the availability of the new BaseSpace iOS mobile app. With this app you can now monitor your BaseSpace runs and analyses more easily than ever before using any compatible mobile iOS device running iOS 8.4 or newer! This includes the iPhone 4S and later, and iPad 2 and later devices.

To try out the new iOS app for BaseSpace, check out the app’s page in the Apple App Store.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can do with the new app:

  • Check the status of your runs and view details for each including metrics and SAV charts
  • Check the status of your analyses and view details about a specific analysis, including how long it took to complete
  • View notifications for any completed runs and analyses
  • Receive push notifications directly to your mobile device when your BaseSpace run or analysis changes status


We plan to introduce support Android devices and provide greater functionality in a future update.  Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy the new iOS app for BaseSpace. Feel free to leave feedback for us on our app page. For mobile app support or feature requests please contact us at



  1. Dear Illumina,

    you introduced the basespace app for apple devices in January 2016 and said that an android app is coming. It is now November 2016; any word on when it will be available?

    • Hi Paul,

      Our v2 mobile app with Android support is still in development, but we can provide you with early access once the app is ready for broader testing. Please email with any requests you have for the mobile app and we can try to incorporate them.


      • Hi Jay,

        After next half year, we’re still waiting for mobile app for Android. Do you have some expectation when it will be available?

        Thanks, Pavel

      • Hi Pavel,

        Unfortunately our resources assigned to build the Android app were reassigned to a different task. We are actively pursuing a path forward on this and hope to have a solution for Android users in the near-term. In the mean-time, BaseSpace Sequence Hub is mobile-friendly, and you can log into it on your mobile browser as you would on your desktop.


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