BaseSpace Dashboard gets a makeover!

We are excited to announce a major refresh for the look and feel of the BaseSpace Dashboard. Based on feedback received on our original dashboard, we created a new dashboard experience that is more intuitive, efficient, and useful. The new Dashboard will be launched as part of our next BaseSpace version release.

We have a video discussing these new features, and the changes are highlighted here as well.

A quick visual comparison of the old vs new Dashboard.

BS Old Look
Old Dashboard
New Dashboard

Some of the important new features and changes include:

  • Carousel View (New): Notifications (see below), Latest Runs and Latest Analyses now feature prominently in three rows as shown above. Updates within each category appears as a widget. Users can navigate through the lists by clicking the right or left arrows. In case of Runs and Analyses, click on the relevant link to see the entire list.
  • Analyses List (New): Displays all analyses and their corresponding Apps, Projects, size, last update and status.

analysis list

  •  Newsfeed & Notifications (New/Changed): The Notification widgets highlight your latest sharing and ownership transfer activities. In the previous dashboard, Notifications also contained updates from our blog. The blog updates are now under a separate Newsfeed column on the  bottom left
  • Storage Meter (New): You can now quickly check how much data you have stored in your BaseSpace cloud account, including how much of the data is shared i.e. data in your account that is from your collaborators as opposed to your own. Clicking the Details button takes you to a page where you can see breakdown of storage in terms of Runs, Projects and Trash.


  • iCredits Balance (Changed): Your available iCredits are now more prominently displayed just above the Storage information.

The new displays do not change any of the major underlying functionalities of BaseSpace, and other pages such as Runs, Projects, Apps and Public Database will remain unchanged for now.

We welcome feedback and suggestions on the new layout – please feel free to leave a comment on this post with your input, or click the ‘Contact Us’ button on the left of your BaseSpace screen, and choose the ‘Give Feedback’ option.


  1. Is there an API available to users to interact with BaseSpace? It would be nice to integrate it within our infrastructure.

  2. It would be super to have a mobile-friendly version of BaseSpace. This new layout looks like it will be harder than the current version to navigate on a phone. A mobile version doesn’t need to do a whole lot – just being able to check basic run stats and share runs would be enough functionality.

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