Overhaul of SAV Charts

As part of the latest release of BaseSpace, we have made some changes to the Run charts by adding interactive functionalities such as zoom, pan, and scale for certain charts.

A summary of the changes:

  • Ability to zoom and pan on the charts “Data by Cycle,” “Data by Lane,” and “Qscore”

databylane databycycle histogram

  • Ability to “Fix Scale” of graphs to allow for apples-to-apples comparison for cycles and allow for trend-spotting

fixedscale-data-by-cycle fixedscale-histogram

  • “Run Summary” stats tables adjusted to be more in line with desktop SAV
  • Improved reporting of Demultiplex results within BaseSpace SAV

We have also made overall speed improvements to all SAV data, whcih will be especially noticeable for larger runs.

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