Introducing the New BaseSpace HelpCenter

The team is proud to announce the release of our new help site at  The new HelpCenter makes it easier to navigate and find the relevant information about BaseSpace. It also enables greater user participation (see below for details).



Site Contents

  • Overview section for new users
  • Articles explaining the usage of different features
  • Release notes
  • Videos
  • Latest news
  • Search
  • Links to other BaseSpace related content like our Developer’s Site


This is just the beginning of our content here and it will continue to be expanded and refined.  If you would like to suggest a topic to be covered or want us to clarify an existing article, all of the content is open source and hosted on github. You can create issues on current or new content and submit pull requests as well.


We still have direct access to support via our “Contact Us” widget within BaseSpace along with email and phone support through the normal Illumina support channels.


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