Prokka small genome annotation is now in BaseSpace Apps.

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest BaseSpace Labs App Prokka Genome Annotation.



Prokka wraps the tool of the same name developed by Dr. Torsten Seemann of the Victoria Bioinformatics Consortium. Prokka automates the process of building an annotation of a prokaryotic genome, first running a comprehensive set of feature prediction tools then combining their output into standards-compliant files suitable for further analysis, visualization in genome browsers or submission to archives.

As input, the Prokka App requires a FASTA file which is assumed by default to contain assembled contigs from a bacterial or other prokaryotic genome, such as produced by the SPAdesVelvet de novo Assembly or DNAStar Assemble bacteria Apps. Shotgun metagenomic data can also be annotated by making the appropriate selection on the input form. An example of the App’s output can be found here.

Citation: Seemann T. Prokka: rapid prokaryotic genome annotation. Bioinformatics. 2014 Jul 15;30(14):2068-9. PMID:24642063

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