Send data from BaseSpace to NextBio Research

With the addition of NextBio products to our informatics offerings, Illumina adds one of the richest compendia of curated genomic data in existence today. As a starting point towards integrating our BaseSpace and NextBio platforms, we are proud to announce the release of the NextBio Transporter App as our latest BaseSpace Labs release. The Transporter sends analysis results from BaseSpace into NextBio Research and requires that users have an existing account with NextBio.

NextBio Transporter

Similar to the NextBio Annotates RNA-Seq App, the NextBio Transporter uses an AppResult as input to the app, and currently supports outputs from the Cufflinks or RNA Express Core Apps from Illumina. You must also specify your account and domain information in NextBio Research, and the app takes care of everything else.

As output, users are provided a link to the transported data in NextBio Research, and a QuickView is also generated which displays the information NextBio has found relating to the input data.

Transporter Output

Within NextBio Research, users can then explore connections with curated content. For example, by clicking on “Curated Studies”, we can pull up published studies that have produced results that are highly correlated with our transported dataset. NextBio Research offers an incredibly rich platform for biological information, and we are excited to now provide the ability for BaseSpace users to connect their sequencing data to the biological insights offered by NextBio.

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