Annotate your RNA-Seq data with NextBio Research

We’ve developed a new BaseSpace app named NextBio Annotates RNA-Seq that lets you ‘test-drive’ NextBio Research on your RNA-Seq data. With a few clicks, you can find how the most differentially expressed genes in your experiment are correlated with diseases, tissue types, public studies, and more.

NextBio Annotates RNA-Seq
NextBio Annotates RNA-Seq


When you run the Cufflinks Assembly and DE app on your RNA-Seq data, you receive a list of differentially expressed genes. What do these genes do? In what cell lines are they expressed? What drugs are they associated with? These are the questions that NextBio Research helps to answer.

When you run the NextBio Annotates RNA-Seq app, the most differentially expressed genes from your experiment are annotated via the NextBio Research API. The output report shows you how those genes are correlated with many public experiments. This is accomplished by the extensive curation of public data that has been performed by the NextBio curation team.

Example output from the NextBio Annotates RNA-Seq app


Of course this app gives just a taste of what NextBio Research can do. In the full version of the product, you can import data of many different types — not just RNA-Seq data. You can use the NextBio Correlation Engine to find how ranked lists of genes from your experiments compare to those in thousands of public experiments. If you’re interested, you can try the full version for free.

We hope this app shows you how NextBio Research can enrich your experiments, by easily annotating and correlating your data with curated public experiments.

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