Downloading Your Data Just Got A Lot Easier

In the past year, we’ve seen the usage of BaseSpace along with the number of apps continue to increase.  There are times, however, where you just need local access to your data.    Today, the BaseSpace team is happy to announce one of our most requested features; an easier, faster download application. 

The new BaseSpace downloader is a one-time install desktop application on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 and on Mac OSX 10.7 +.  It has been specifically built to handle large file downloads in a reliable and efficient manner.


New Download Options

There are now several ways to download data from BaseSpace.  

  1. Download an entire project
  2. Download one or more analyses
  3. Download one or more samples
  4. Download one or more individual files

The first way is to download the whole project.  When on the project page, click the “Download Project” button as seen below.


Your next option is to download an individual analysis or multiple analyses.  By checking the analysis, the download button will show “Download Analyses”.


Another option you have is to download individual samples.  Looking at the samples list in the project, you can similarly check one or more of those samples and the button will show “Download Samples”.


After clicking on the download button we ask for confirmation.  If you have never installed the app then click on “Install the Downloader”. 

BaseSpace Downloader -3



We are excited about this feature and look forward to your feedback!



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