Whole-genome and cancer analysis: Datasets from Illumina’s FastTrack Services Laboratory


We are pleased to announce the availability of data from two sequencing projects conducted in the Illumina FastTrack Services Laboratory through the Illumina Genome Network (IGN).   Whole-genome and Cancer Analysis Demo Datasets can now be accessed within or downloaded from BaseSpace for free through BaseSpace’s Public Data repository.

Whole-Genome Analysis Dataset:

Results from the ENCODE project reveal that many DNA variants previously associated to disease lie outside of the coding regions of genomic DNA.  Because whole-genome sequencing (WGS) gives researchers the most complete view, we offer the Illumina FastTrack Services Whole-genome Demo Dataset containing three WGS example datasets using the CEPH family trio sequenced to depth of ~30x coverage and analyzed using the Whole-Genome Sequencing Informatics Pipeline v2.0.  The project includes archival BAM files, variant calls (CNV, SV, & SNPs), a sample PDF summary report, and Illumina Omni2.5M genotyping data.

To access the shared whole-genome dataset in your BaseSpace account, click the following shared project link: https://basespace.illumina.com/s/dOTDV9brOuJJ.

Cancer Analysis Dataset:

Cancer possesses significant heterogeneity at the genetic and histological levels.  The Illumina FastTrack Services Cancer Analysis Demo Dataset uses the IGN variant calling and sequencing methodology to address this complexity using ATCC_HCC samples sequenced to 40x coverage for the normal tissue sample and 80x coverage for the tumor tissue sample.  The data is analyzed using Cancer Analysis Pipeline v2.0, which uses a Bayesian combined variant calling method that provides the most accurate models for real-life tumor samples, recovering 97% of known SNVs.  The datasets include the standard WGS deliverable, as well as somatic variant data, and somatic PDF summary report.

To access the shared cancer analysis dataset in your BaseSpace account, click the following shared project link: https://basespace.illumina.com/s/lAkSmtRTYN1Z.

More About the Illumina Genome Network:

The IGN, consisting of CSPro-certified organizations and Illumina FastTrack Services, offers highly accurate, affordable, end-to-end human whole-genome sequencing services.  The IGN laboratories have experienced scientists using TruSeq technology for superior coverage and quality of even challenging regions, and industry-leading HiSeq systems for the highest throughput.  IGN Services are finalized with data analysis by skilled bioinformaticians to accelerate researchers’ opportunities to discover more from the whole human genome.

We invite you to view these example IGN projects using BaseSpace Apps such as the Broad’s IGV, or by downloading files and exploring the data using your favorite tools.  See for yourself the unmatched performance, data quality and expertise of the Illumina Genome Network.

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