BaseSpace Update: Analysis User Interface Upgraded

We are excited to announce a brand new look for Projects and Analyses in BaseSpace.  We have made significant improvements to the ways in which users interact with their Analysis data.  We strive to bring our users the best experience possible and we hope that you enjoy these changes.

Here is a brief summary of all of the changes you will see:

  • New look and feel to the Project page: With this new look, you should be able to navigate around your projects more efficiently.


  • Streamlined left-hand navigation:  Everything you need from your project, whether it’s your input, output, or samples; it’s accessible through this navigation.


  • What we used to call AppSessions, we now call Analyses: the output of BaseSpace Apps.
  • Improvements to the Analysis page


  • Improvements to the file browser


  • Visual improvements to the file browser allows for simpler navigation of your results.  Select a file, and open it right in BaseSpace.


A Note About Apps and Analyses

A new Analysis is created each time you launch an app.  You can find a list of Analyses within each Project.  Each time data in a Project is selected as input to run an app, an Analysis is created in that Project.  In addition, each time a Project is selected for storing result data, an Analysis will also be created in that Project. On each Analysis page, you will find:

  • Information about the app that performed the analysis
  • A running status update from the app
  • The result files that were uploaded to your account once the app’s analysis was completed
  • The input data selected for the app via the Analysis Inputs page


You can also rename each Analysis you own by clicking on the Edit Analysis button on the Analysis page.


This will allow you to more easily organize your results in BaseSpace.

For more information, please refer to the BaseSpace Release Notes.  Please do not hesitate to provide feedback to us via the Contact Us button, we constantly strive to improve BaseSpace for our users.

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