The Most Complete Picture of a Genome

We are pleased to announce the BaseSpace availability of several new human data sets generated with the TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Sample Preparation Kit and TruSeq Nano DNA Sample Prep Kit on HiSeq 2500.

Built from the industry’s most widely-adopted sample prep workflow, the new kits bring the highest data quality with base-pair resolution. This provides a detailed view of somatic and de novo mutations and supports accurate identification of causative variants, critical for cancer and genetic disease studies.

Both DNA Sample Prep kits improve coverage uniformity, decrease gaps, and reduce library bias. TruSeq DNA PCR-Free is ideal for studies where DNA input is not limited and premier data quality is desired. Any PCR-induced bias is eliminated uncovering gaps across difficult genomic stretches including GC-rich, promoters, and repetitive regions. TruSeq Nano DNA is ideal for studies where DNA input is limited (to 100 ng) but superior data quality is still desired. Both kits can also be used for virtually any sequencing application, including non-human genomes, from the smallest to the most complex.

See the data for yourself and discover how TruSeq Nano and PCR-Free can improve your sequencing results.
TruSeq DNA library
TruSeq DNA PCR-Free 350 bp library
TruSeq DNA PCR-Free 550 bp library
TruSeq Nano DNA 350 bp library
TruSeq Nano DNA 550 bp library

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