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Spring is in the air, and with the warmer weather comes new changes to the BaseSpace platform.  These changes come at a time when genomics data upload to BaseSpace has reached a critical mass.  As mentioned recently in Illumina’s recent earnings call, both our MiSeq and HiSeq platforms are enabled to stream data to BaseSpace, and data on more than 40,000 sequencing runs has been uploaded.  We now have more than 6,000 registered users, many who actively share data with their BaseSpace collaborators within their institutions and around the globe.  We’ve also had tremendous interest in the BaseSpace Apps Beta, with almost 4,000 App test drives.

We’re excited to announce the next major update to BaseSpace that will roll out in the coming weeks.  This update will include e-commerce capability, allowing the purchase of apps in our BaseSpace store, and will move BaseSpace out of beta status.

This is an important milestone for both Illumina instrument users and BaseSpace App developers.  For users, BaseSpace is emerging from beta status to a fully supported Illumina software platform featuring an ever-growing collection of apps to process data, storage room to collect data, and interfaces to share data.  For App developers, this release strengthens a vibrant ecosystem in which to offer best-in-class tools for next-generation sequencing data analysis.  We’re very excited as we look forward to this new level of platform functionality!

In preparation for the commercial launch of BaseSpace, we are going to have a series of “What’s New” blog posts for both users and developers, so that you can prepare for the upcoming platform changes. In today’s blog post, we’re introducing a currency called BaseSpace iCredits.

Introducing BaseSpace iCredits

Beginning next week, you will be able to purchase iCredits through our online store.  Much like an online bank account, iCredits can then be used within BaseSpace to purchase various services. At first, you can use iCredits to buy apps in BaseSpace to analyze, annotate, or process your data. In the future, iCredits will also be used to purchase additional data storage options.

Purchasing BaseSpace iCredits

Purchasing iCredits is easy to do in BaseSpace through your account dashboard. Simply clicking on the button labeled ‘Add More iCredits’ will bring you to a purchase screen where you can enter the number of iCredits you want to buy and the purchasing method you want to use:


A BaseSpace iCredit is equivalent to one U.S. Dollar, and can be purchased online using credit cards or by submitting a purchase order to Illumina customer support:


Using BaseSpace iCredits

Once you have iCredits in your account, you can allocate these in the App store, which gives an overview of the App functionality as well as the ability to launch the App directly from within the store:


Each App will list the price for the App (which might be a per-use price or a subscription period for the App):


To launch the app, the system will ensure you have enough iCredits for the transaction and then deduct them from your account. At that point, you will get access to the app for your data analysis.

Managing your iCredit account with BaseSpace’s Digital Wallet

One of the additions to managing your account in BaseSpace is the concept of a ‘digital wallet’. The wallet keeps information about your iCredit balance and purchases – including the ability to print out receipts at any time. The digital wallet is accessible through your account information found in the BaseSpace top banner.


iCredits are just the first step forward to the larger BaseSpace commercial launch, and we are very excited to share a preview. Stay tuned for more news about upcoming functionality as we roll out the new BaseSpace release.


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