Run QC Chart Enhancements

This week we’ve introduced enhancements to one of the most popular BaseSpace features: the Run QC charts (familiar to many users from our Sequencing Analysis Viewer desktop program).

We’ve begun to add interactivity and polish to these charts. The charts will work even on your iPad or Android tablet, and they can be a powerful way to monitor the quality of both MiSeq and HiSeq runs. You can learn more about interpreting run QC metrics by checking out the Sequencing Analysis Viewer user guide.

Below are some examples:

  • Multiseries charts will now highlight the series and its corresponding legend item when you move the mouse over them:

  • We’ve added gradients and smooth transitions between data, so you can quickly distinguish what’s changed:

  • And to improve their legibility, we’ve given every chart a subtle makeover in terms of colors, shapes, and typography:

Later we’ll be adding the ability to zoom on the charts, among other enhancements. Stay tuned for more visualization goodness, and let us know what you think!

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