Transfer of Runs and Projects

We are pleased to announce the transfer feature in BaseSpace.  Transfer adds to the collaboration feature set of BaseSpace, allowing users to transfer ownership of runs and/or projects to other users.  Transfer is used when a user wants to transfer ownership to another user.  With an ownership transfer, the new owner will control all permissions for that project or run as well as have the project and run associated only with their account.

How is transfer different from our current sharing feature?  If I share a project or run, I remain the owner, controlling all of the access rights for my collaborators.  The project/run remain associated with my account.

If you work in a Core Facility or provide sequencing services, Transfer may be just what you need for prompt data delivery to your customers.

Let’s take a deep dive into how transfer works in BaseSpace.

I’ll start with a scenario where I want to transfer ownership of a project to a fellow collaborator.  The transfer feature is only available for projects/runs that I own.  If I own the project, the transfer ownership feature is available for that project…

In the project list view…


Or from within the project itself…


Once I select “transfer ownership” I will be presented with the transfer ownership dialog.


I must provide an email address for the user that I would like to transfer ownership to.  I may also provide an optional message to that user.  There is a note here warning me to make sure that there are no Apps currently running on data in the project.  Any projects that have Apps running (Apps that save to a project) and are transferred to a new owner before the save to a project will not complete successfully.

After I provide an email and select continue, I will be presented with a final confirmation dialog.


I have the capability to cancel the transfer, or move forward and initiate transfer.  When I select “Transfer Now” the transfer invitation is sent to the user I provide; as an email and as a BaseSpace dashboard notification.

I have the capability to view my transfers as well as cancel an invitation from my user settings page.  To get to “my account”, just select the dropdown next to your username in BaseSpace.


Once at my transfer history, I am able to cancel transfer invitations.  Cancelling an invitation is available up until the new owner accepts the invitation.

I remain the owner of the project until the invitee accepts the transfer.  Below is a screenshot of my transfer history, where I may view all of my transfer invitations, as well as the status of each invitation.


The invitation has been sent.  Now, let’s switch over to the invitee’s view.

When a user transfer a project to me, I will receive both an email and a dashboard notification.

The Dashboard notification…


And the email…


I am able to view the invitation by selecting the hyperlink in the dashboard notification or the link from the email.

Once selecting the hyperlink I am presented with the invitation.


I have a choice to either accept or ignore the invitation.  If I choose the ignore, the invitation will still be accessible, as long as the original owner does not cancel the invitation.  When I choose accept, I become the new owner of the project, BaseSpace will navigate to the project, and update the transfer history for the original owner to “accepted”.  From this point forward I am the new owner of the project.  I may control over collaborators as well as the capability to transfer the project.  The previous owner no longer has access to the project.

Transfer is complete!  Here are some more pointers and tips on transfer in BaseSpace.

  • Transferring runs only transfers the run files, not the projects in that run.  This use case supports the transferring of Run QC information (SAV) but not the projects and contents of those projects.
  • Transferring of runs is only available for runs that have been completed.  Aborted or incomplete runs are not available for transfer.
  • Be aware that if your collaborator accepts ownership of the project while an App you launched is still in progress, that app won’t be able to save data into that project anymore.

Enjoy using the transfer feature, and please provide feedback on how we may make transfer a better experience for you in BaseSpace.

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