BaseSpace: Apps on the Rise

We’re excited to be at AGBT again this year. If you are lucky enough to be here, we hope you’re excited to hear about advances in overcoming one the biggest bottlenecks in bioinformatics, data management and storage. On Wednesday, we showed the rapid adoption and successful streaming of data from MiSeq and HiSeq instruments to BaseSpace (see the video at As 2013 progresses, the story is changing from enabling system uploads to providing applications for many of the analytical workflows needed to enable NGS.

We currently have a number of BaseSpace apps and they are getting wide use (see for a running count of the number of App analysis runs). We have an even larger number of Apps under development, all of which will be fully compatible with Illumina NGS data. As such, 2013 is really shaping up to be the year of the BaseSpace App.

With that in mind, we’re announcing a series of live demos on BaseSpace with our App development partners. If you’re at AGBT, plan on stopping by the Illumina lounge for a first-hand look at apps on our platform – ready to handle real data. The lounge is generally open for BaseSpace demonstrations from 9-12pm and from 3-6pm. Additionally we have set up specific times for some of our app partners. Stop by the lounge for a current schedule of App demos from partners such as Partek, Ingenuity, Biomatters, and SciGenom.

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