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Hey BaseSpace Users,

We’re very excited about the interest and positive feedback we are receiving with the BaseSpace Apps!  We have published apps in BaseSpace which are free to use right now and we hope that, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll take time to test them out!

How do I launch apps in BaseSpace?

At the moment, apps can be launched from multiple locations on the website, such as from a Project or a Sample.  After navigating to one of these pages, simply click on the green “Apps” or “Launch App” button: image  and select the app that you would like to launch from the drop-down menu.

Note: Please read the descriptions of the apps to determine what type(s) of data they are best suited for.

What is the Developer Portal and how do I get there?

Whether you’re interested in developing an app for BaseSpace or just curious about the technology used to bring these apps to you, the BaseSpace Developer Portal is a great place to find this information.


Where can I get an introduction about BaseSpace app development?

The BaseSpace Overview highlights the aspects of app development without getting into the technical details, we recommend it as a starting point.  The overview is meant to direct new developers to the appropriate documentation and to the developer community where you can freely provide feedback to and get support from the API team.  We’re working directly with many of our developers and incorporating their feedback in major feature releases for BaseSpace.

We have a RESTful API allowing you secure access to user data for which we offer SDKs written for Java and Python to make it easier for developers to jump right in, with more SDKs on the horizon!

What are some of the new features made available to developers?

To make third party apps ready and available to you, we’ve been busy adding features to the developer portal.  In the last month, we have enabled the ability for developers to upload Icons of different sizes and multiple Screenshots, which display directly on the BaseSpace site a short time after they are uploaded.

image        image         image

In addition, we’ve added a new section where developers are able to edit and update their Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement, which you are able to see on the Authorization dialog when launching an app.

image         image           image

When will apps be able to start billing users?

The billing API that app developers will use is currently under development and will be available soon.  However, we have provided information in the developer portal to give our developers more knowledge about what to expect in the new API features.  The document is available here, please feel free to take a look!

We hope that both our developers and users enjoy the features we’ve been working on.  We’re getting very close to our public launch of BaseSpace and with that we have seen a lot of interest from developers regarding BaseSpace app development.  If you’re interested in developing apps for BaseSpace, please look over the developer portal and, should you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the BaseSpace Developer google groups.  Thanks!


The BaseSpace Platform Team

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