Current Authentication Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with Illumina’s shared authentication mechanism, which is impacting new logins to our system.  BaseSpace is architected to be fault tolerant and all your information and data is very safely stored with Amazon’s 99.999999999% durability guarantee.  The authentication issues currently impact our system in two ways.  New logins to BaseSpace are not allowed, and new runs (which require login on instrument) are not allowed.  If you had started a run or logged in previous to these issues which started around 7:00am PST, then your run will continue to upload and process and you can continue to use the site with no issues.  As of this time, we don’t have a definite ETA of when this issue will be resolved, but please check back to the blog as we get more information.  You can be assured that we will work in the future to prevent such issues from impacting your use of BaseSpace. 


Thank you for your patience!

Greg Roberts

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