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Over the past couple of days we’ve rolled out several new improvements to the site.  A lot of these features help support deeper App integration as well as were the culmination of a lot of feedback that we’ve been receiving over the past couple of months.  To that end, I always encourage people to let their voice be heard by using the  “Contact Us” button inside the site.   This allows any of you to ask questions, submit ideas, and vote on existing ideas.

Contact Us

Sample Details

One of the biggest changes is in how we display our sample details.  We now show you if your sample is paired or single end, the number of reads and read lengths, as well as the origin.  The origin graph shows which run(s) or other sample(s) that the sample originates from.  Yes that’s right, in the next couple of weeks you will be able to merge samples for use in our new HiSeq 2500 or to simply add more coverage in your experiments.

Sample Details

You can also toggle the origin graph into list mode.

Origin List

On the bottom is a list of all the FASTQ files associated with this sample.  Below that is a list of all “App Sessions” that this sample has been involved in that you have access to.  Clicking on one of those applications will show you the files that were output by it.

Sample Files

From here you can click on any of the listed files to see the details or download it.


Or you can click on “Open App Session” and view the results if the App has an integrated UI rendering.

Open App Session

Project Overview and App Launching

The project overview page also got several enhancements to help you organize and understand what is contained in your project.


We added the sample list to the forefront and moved the collaborators list to a separate menu item on the left.  We’ve also added the app quick launch button that will allow you to launch applications given a project context.

App Launch

Give the new features a spin and let us know what you think!

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  1. All stored projects are not shown correctly, e.g. missing charts and app results, image errors, unknown server errors etc.

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