Now Open, BaseSpace API and Developer Portal


We are really excited to announce that the BaseSpace API and corresponding developer portal site are now open for business.

We’ve been working hard the last couple of months working with our early access partners, getting feedback, improving documentation, creating samples and libraries, and we feel it’s ready for general consumption.  I personally would like to thank the hard work and dedication of the BaseSpace team and supporting staff to get us to where we are, thanks!

What exactly are we releasing?

  • site containing all the information you need
  • Pre-Release version of our API
    • Pre-Release means it still may change a bit before the App Store is released, but not much.
  • Open Source Java, Python libraries on (.NET coming soon)
  • Simple, getting started, sample applications
  • Interactive API Playground
  • Google Group for discussions
  • UserVoice Feedback button for feature suggestions
  • Ability to register applications and launch them from within BaseSpace or the Developer Portal


How is the API structured?

  • RESTful API more info here and here
  • JSON formatted response
    • Example of a GET request to returns:
            "GravatarUrl": "",
            "Name":"John Doe"
  • Security utilizing SSL and OAUTH v2

What types of Apps can I write?

This release of the API will allow anyone to develop any kind of web, desktop, and mobile applications.  These applications will be run by you or the user, but not within BaseSpace. If you want to contribute Apps that run and are managed by BaseSpace then you will be creating what we call “Native Apps”.  These will be delivered to us via an AMI or Amazon Machine Image.  We are not currently accepting AMI based apps, but you can start on them now in preparation for when we allow “Native App Publishing”.

How do I Publish my App?

The BaseSpace App Store and publishing has not been released yet.  We will be allowing some early access partners to publish in the beginning of November and then we will open the full store at the end of that month.  This is really the topic of a whole other post, but in summary you will be able to control how and what you want to charge for (if anything), and you will be allowed to submit marketing content including:

  • Detailed Description
  • Icons
  • Screen Shots
  • Help/Contact Info
  • etc.

This content will show up inside of BaseSpace and will be discoverable even without an account.

What about Billing?

BaseSpace will handle all of the billing for your app so you can focus on what you do best.  Again, you set your prices from free on up and we take care of the dirty work.  For our users we will be providing a simple way to get credits into your account either through credit card or PO order.  These features will be released as we get closer to the App Store launch so stay tuned.

Does my App have to be public?

No it doesn’t.  While we do want people to contribute useful things to the greater BaseSpace ecosystem,  we know there are many reasons to programmatically access your data.  Anyone can register and then use the API for personal reasons as well, we just ask that you follow our developer guidelines.

In conclusion, please check out, give us your feedback, and then go create the next big thing!!!

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  1. Really nice developer portal. Biggest need right now is more sample projects. Only two are available as of Oct 8, and both are bacterial/Phix. What is really needed is a variety of projects, human, MiSeq and HiSeq runs, and a great variety of file structures within projects.

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