BaseSpace Growth: the Numbers

When we launched BaseSpace nine months ago, we were pretty optimistic that users would find the service appealing – but it really was a “build it and they will come” strategy. So we’re thrilled that the numbers around adoption prove that our optimism was justified. Two weeks ago we announced that the majority of MiSeq systems are now connected, with already half of those actively uploading data into BaseSpace. Today, I wanted to dive into those adoption metrics and provide more detail on the impressive growth rate as BaseSpace nears critical mass.

  • BaseSpace now has over 2,400 users.
  • 70% of all installed MiSeqs have connected to BaseSpace: this tells us that a lot of HiSeqs are going to connect in Q4 – and their runs are 300X bigger.
  • Data from 10,340 MiSeq runs has been uploaded: this is huge for us in terms of being able to improve instrument and consumable performance.
  • 56,688 samples have been created: we just we love it when people are multiplexing!
  • 938 runs have been shared: these are positive signs that  BaseSpace is being used as a tool for collaborative research and data distribution, just as we hoped.

Pleased as we are with this, we’re well aware we’ve barely scratched the surface of BaseSpace’s potential. So over the next weeks and months of 2012, we’re introducing a new full-featured UI, seamless upload for all HiSeq instruments, and BaseSpace Apps/E-commerce.

So right now, BaseSpace is an interesting service for MiSeq informatics.

But by the end of the year it will be the platform for genomic research.


Yellow: uploaded runs (performance data)

Red: uploaded runs (sequence data)

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