Download your SAV data from BaseSpace

BaseSpace users have been asking for a way to download SAV (Sequencing Analysis Viewer) data from BaseSpace.  The BaseSpace team has added this feature in the latest deployment.

SAV data is available on BaseSpace from the download menu.   To get to your SAV data, click download from the Run Summary page.  You will be presented with the Download Options Dialog.


From this dialog, you are able to download SAV data.  You also have a links to information and download of the SAV tool.

During a run, SAV data is refreshed every five minutes. 

Once you select the “sav data” download, your browser will download SAV data for that run as a compressed (.zip) file. 

Once you have the file download, uncompress the file to your desired location.  Now run SAV and browse to the location of the uncompressed SAV data.  Click Refresh and your data is there.

Some Useful Links:

Additional Information about SAV

Download SAV

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