CDC builds secure healthcare network in AWS

We’ve built BaseSpace on Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service simply because we found it to be the cloud platform that provides the best security, scalability, and availability. So it’s pleasing to see that the CDC has come to the same conclusion: AWS is the ideal platform for hosting critical healthcare data for collaborative analysis.

The CDC’s BioSense 2.0 program is built on AWS and implements a nationwide biosurveillance for early detection and prompt assessment of potential bioterrorism-related illness. It enables state and local healthcare authorities to upload patient Electronic Health Record (EHR) data and analyze that data using statistical tools such as R. BioSense 2.0 is compliant with all the applicable federal regulatory requirements including FISMA and HIPAA (more information can be found here).

This is a reminder that a server doesn’t have to be physically located in your facility in order to be secure. In fact the experience and resources Amazon applies to computer security far exceeds that of most (if not all) research institution IT departments. Add to that, as we’ve done with BaseSpace, independent third-party system analysis and active penetration testing, and you can be confident that your data is extremely safe.

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