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Hey everyone, this is Greg Roberts (@greghroberts), the tech lead of BaseSpace, and as my first blog post I’m excited to get to talk about some great new features we just released.  But before I go into that, I just wanted to talk a bit of our release strategy for this product.  Given that we are a web based platform, we don’t have the constraints that more traditional software may have, because of this we believe that it’s better to continually release and provide value every couple weeks instead of a long quarterly or even 6 month release schedules.  Because of this your feedback is greatly appreciated and can make a huge difference in our next release planning and future feature design.  I urge all users and potential users to leave a note by using our feedback button on the right side of every page of the site after you log in.


Once you click that button just leave a short description of your request or complaint and you can also vote on existing items.  We will review the feedback and it will then be available for others to vote as long as there isn’t any privacy concerns about the suggestion.


1/13/2012 Release Notes

  • Dashboard Auto-Refresh – The dashboard will now auto-refresh the latest runs list.
  • Runs List Filtering –  Runs could always be sorted and searched, but now they can be filtered by the overall state and by the analysis workflow chosen.  This is really just the beginning of better run management.  Features like tagging and project grouping are planned for a future release.  We’d love to hear feedback on how you would want to organize your runs.


  • Shared Runs Filtering –  The shared runs page also gets some simple filtering capabilities.


  • Sharing Badges – We improved the badges on shared runs to help determine why the run was shared to you when viewing them on the dashboard.

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